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Innovative Hearing Aids in Abingdon from Keith Donaghy

Our hearing aid clinic provides customers in Abingdon and the surrounding areas with the latest technologies in invisible hearing aids and other related products. The results of hearing tests can often throw customers into panic and confusion; after all, nobody really wants to be told that they will need to use hearing aids for the rest of their lives.


We help customers in Abingdon come to terms with the impact of hearing loss by providing reassurance and offering valuable insights on how to get the most out of modern hearing aids. Invisible hearing aids, for example, do so much more than just amplify sounds. They also provide clarity in environments affected by echoes, background noises and feedback.


Because the technology behind hearing aids constantly improves, they can now, in all effect, remove the noise you don’t want to hear and replace it with the sounds that you do. Hearing tests are instrumental in helping us make this technology work for you.


In busier environments such as school areas, workplaces, restaurants and shops in Abingdon, the outside noise of children shouting, screeching brakes, machinery and general outdoor noise will pale into significance as you clearly begin to hear what’s important. No matter what your lifestyle is, our hearing aid clinic has hearing aids available for everyone.


We want you to be as impressed with modern behind-the-ear and invisible hearing aids as we are ourselves, so we offer them on a trial basis so you can “try before you buy”.


Invisible Hearing Aids in Abingdon


With so many recent advancements in the world of hearing aids, there’s no reason why your lifestyle needs to suffer. We actively encourage customers from Abingdon and the surrounding areas to go swimming or listen to music in the same way they would have before. With waterproof invisible hearing aids and Bluetooth earpieces available, life never has to alter in the slightest for the vast majority of our hearing aid clinic clients.


The days of hearing aids being lumpy contraptions placed behind the ear have long been replaced with an era of sleek, stylish and fully functional products. Our hearing aid clinic provides a range of BTE and invisible hearing aids which come in plain or patterned designs built around the personal preferences of our valued Abingdon customers.


Hearing tests only provide us with half the story about your reception to sound. We believe it’s possible to learn as much about your hearing by discussing the everyday activities you undertake in Abingdon and the surrounding areas. The results of consultations and hearing tests enable us to go through a specific range of hearing aids to suit your personal needs


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To find out how hearing aids are already benefitting previous clients in Abingdon, call our hearing aid clinic on 01993 709955. Hearing tests are available 6 days a week.