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Earwax Removal and Invisible Hearing Aids in Aylesbury

This page looks at two of the key services we provide to patients from the Aylesbury area – our earwax removal treatments and the prescription of invisible hearing aids. Our hearing centre in Banbury is 36 miles from Aylesbury while our Witney practice is a mile or so closer. While this may seem like a long way to come for a hearing test, we think’s its vitally important to deal with a reputable audiologist who has the backing of an experienced team.


It’s also important for our Aylesbury patients to remember that both of our practices deal with the sector’s most modern BTE, RIC and ITE hearing aids.


Call our Witney hearing centre on 01993 709955 or our Banbury hearing centre on 01295 255131 if you want to book a hearing test or undergo an earwax removal procedure with Keith Donaghy. Our practices welcome new patients from all areas surrounding Aylesbury, and also provide complete aftercare packages with traditional or invisible hearing aids.


Earwax Removal


We remind you that there’s nothing to worry about with earwax. It’s entirely natural to produce it but some of our visitors from Aylesbury build up more earwax than others. Most blockages occur from the patient using cotton buds or other objects in an attempt to remove earwax themselves. This is potentially dangerous, and we always advise that you book in for a professional earwax removal treatment at a reputable hearing centre instead.


To ensure earwax removal is the correct procedure for hearing loss, ringing sounds, itching or pain, we advise our Aylesbury patients to book in for a hearing test at the same time. This way, the audiologist can look at other possible causes for the symptoms on display.


There are three different methods for earwax removal:


Manual Removal – Using a Jobson Horne, the audiologist gently removes the build-up of earwax close to the entrance of the canal. This tool is thin with a circular loop tip.


Microsuction – The audiologist inserts a fine suction tube into the canal to create a vacuum, and views his or her work through a headset. This is a clean, safe earwax removal method.


Irrigation – A gentle alternative to syringe use, modern irrigators flush out large volumes of earwax for our Aylesbury patients at low pressures to temperatures of 37˚C.


These procedures take place at our Banbury and our Witney hearing centres.


Invisible Hearing Aids


The results of a hearing test at either of our two practices could indicate that hearing aids might be the best option to amplify the sound around you. Our invisible hearing aids provide visitors from the Aylesbury area with a small, compact and lightweight option that leaves them feeling more relaxed about wearing a device. Unlike some of the products in our sector, invisible hearing aids have an amazing level of comfort at an affordable price.


In fact, there will be times you’ll actually forget you’re wearing a hearing aid at all.


Modern hearing aids, and invisible hearing aids in particular, have done much to alleviate the stigma associated with hearing loss. Our two hearing centres in Banbury and Witney fit a selection of discrete invisible hearing aids designed to assist with mild to moderate sound loss. Keith Donaghy Hearing Care supplies BTE, RIC and ITE hearing aids to our Aylesbury customers, so come in for a hearing test today and a personal fitting from your audiologist.


We welcome enquiries from the Aylesbury area at our Witney hearing centre (01993 709955) or our Banbury hearing centre (01295 255131).