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Hearing Tests in Bicester

We often take our hearing for granted. A loss of hearing usually creeps up unexpectedly and it sometimes takes a while for you to realise there’s a problem. Ever found yourself in front of the television at your Bicester home with the volume up at a level far louder than before? If this has happened to you, call our hearing aid clinic today for a prompt appointment.


Keith Donaghy Hearing Care provides hearing tests and consultations for customers in the Bicester area, and we can recommend suitable behind-the-ear or invisible hearing aids not just to help them hear more clearly, but also to enhance their current lifestyles.


Because hearing can deteriorate quite quickly in some cases, it’s best to make the short journey from Bicester to our hearing aid clinic as soon as possible. Hearing tests can also flag up other potential health problems such as diabetes. Research shows that diabetics are twice as likely to suffer from hearing loss as non-diabetics – a worrying statistic.


We’re also popular with Bicester cyclists who have visited our hearing aid clinic for hearing tests and subsequently told us that we’ve given them a longer life expectancy because they can now hear cars and HGV’s coming up approaching behind them! The overwhelming majority of our customers have gained a better quality of life through early diagnosis of a hearing problem and choosing BTE or invisible hearing aids with comfort in mind.


Invisible Hearing Aids in Bicester


Sometimes, it’s possible for just one ear to lose its hearing and this can be particularly disorientating. When this happens, we work out the level of hearing loss suffered and then liaise with you to find a product to enhance your hearing. At our hearing aid clinic near Bicester, we have a wide range of digital and analogue invisible hearing aids to choose from.


Our hearing tests provide you with the help and care required to restore your hearing to a level where the world becomes audibly clearer and more precise.

Keith Donaghy can assist you in choosing hearing aids which enable you to converse with friends and family freely, watch television or listen to the radio. If you visit our hearing aid clinic from Bicester and would prefer to keep your hearing problem to yourself, we have a range of invisible hearing aids to choose from which are all but unnoticeable.


Hearing tests are available for Bicester customers calling our hearing aid clinic on 01993 709955 or 01295 255131. We have two clinics and both are open 6 days a week.