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Hearing Aids in Brackley | Local Clinics in Banbury and Witney

Hearing loss can have a devastating effect on your life. It can affect your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing as well as disrupting your work and your personal time. Whichever hearing aid clinic near Brackley you choose, Keith Donaghy and his team will help in restoring your dignity, your pride and most importantly, your hearing. This can be achieved through our innovative range of behind-the-ear and invisible hearing aids.


We help customers in Brackley to combat the possible onset of depression through conclusive hearing tests, followed by the fitting of hearing aids tailored to the individual. A recent survey said that over-50’s with hearing difficulties are more likely to show signs of anxiety, depression and paranoia than those of a similar age who wore hearing aids.


Those with untreated hearing loss naturally have to work harder in every aspect of their lives and can also be prone to loss of memory. If you are suffering from hearing difficulties, come and speak with our experts and sit through one of our hearing tests. Behind-the-ear and invisible hearing aids provide enhancement and balance for a better lifestyle.


Hearing Aids | Stylish and Functional Product Range


When customers in Brackley suffer from hearing loss, they have the option to visit our hearing aid clinic in Banbury, or our other clinic in Witney, for hearing tests. Whichever hearing aid clinic you choose, our experienced team will offer sympathetic yet detailed advice on the reasons behind hearing difficulties and what we can do to help.


Listed below are the different types of hearing aids available:


Behind-The-Ear (BTE) – These hearing aids are made of a hard plastic case connected to a plastic earmold which fits inside the ear. Electronic components sit in casing behind the ear. Sound travels from our hearing aids, through the earmold and straight into your ear. BTE hearing aids are used by people of all ages in Brackley with mild to acute hearing loss.


In-The-Ear (ITE) – ITE hearing aids are a popular choice amongst hearing loss sufferers in the Brackley area. The electronic components are designed to help users hear better in public places. Today, many churches, airports, schools and theatres have induction loop systems which enable ITE users to hear more clearly. One of the assistants at your preferred hearing aid clinic will be more than happy to talk you through the advantages of ITE hearing aids.


Canal (CIC or ITC) – CIC or ITC hearing aids sit in the ear canal and are available in two styles. CIC (Completely-in-Canal), or invisible hearing aids as we call them, are not visible to the outside world and work perfectly for those in Brackley who don’t want to draw attention to their hearing problems. ITC (In-the-Canal) aids are designed to fit the shape of the ear canal.


All designs are available at competitive prices and, once you make the short journey from Brackley to either hearing aid clinic for hearing tests, our specialists will take the time needed to provide the advice you need. ITE, BTE or CIC invisible hearing aids help combat loneliness, depression and emotional issues that lack of hearing may have caused.


Hearing tests are available six days a week. Call on 01295 255131 to arrange an appointment and get your life back on track. We have two clinics near Brackley.