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Hearing Centre in Buckingham | The Role of an Audiologist

With two separate hearing centres in Banbury and Witney, Keith Donaghy Hearing Care improves the lifestyles of its Buckingham patients through hearing tests, the fitting of hearing aids and the performance of simple procedures such as earwax removal. Keith Donaghy is an audiologist with satisfied patients throughout the Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire areas, and has an experienced team of specialists working behind him.


Our hearing centres in Banbury and Witney, 17 miles and 31 miles from Buckingham respectively, specialise in discrete invisible hearing aids.


Audiology is a form of science that deals with hearing and balance disorders. Audiologists like Keith Donaghy provide the care needed to treat these disorders, most commonly through the results of a hearing test, the prescription of hearing aids and earwax removal treatments. Adult, child, infant and elderly patients from the Buckingham area receive help with a range of disorders when they come to a Keith Donaghy hearing centre.


Hearing Disabilities – To determine the severity of a disorder, an audiologist performs a hearing test using an audiometer. This important piece of equipment helps the audiologist to pinpoint how bad hearing damage is. Once an audiologist at one of our two hearing centres near Buckingham identifies the reason for hearing loss, they provide a solution.


Sometimes, something as simple as an earwax removal procedure can resolve the problem. In other cases, the audiologist might recommend traditional or invisible hearing aids.


Amplification – Many of our Buckingham patients come to a hearing centre knowing their hearing isn’t quite what it was. One of the best ways to help them is to recommend hearing aids which amplify everyday sounds in the outside world. The sector has many different hearing aids available including behind-the-ear, receiver-in-canal and in-the-ear designs.


Some people avoid hearing aids because they see a certain stigma to them. We personally believe that any hearing is better than no hearing at all but also understand the feelings of our patients. That’s why we help in the prescription and fitting of invisible hearing aids.


Balance Disorders – Audiologists also check for balance disorders during a hearing test, and these usually occur through a disturbance in the inner ear. We’ve met visitors from the Buckingham area at our hearing centres who experience dizziness, infections, trauma and even vertigo as the result of a balance disorder. Hearing tests determine the best treatment.


Occasionally, something as simple as an earwax removal session restores the balance of the patient but an audiologist looks at all possibilities to find the correct solution.


Tinnitus – Tinnitus is a ringing sound in the ears, at low intensity, and is present throughout the entire day. For many of our Buckingham patients, it is an uncomfortable and frustrating ailment. Through a hearing test, an audiologist determines the potential causes of Tinnitus and prescribes solutions that significantly help to lower the impact on the patient’s lifestyle.


Working in noisy environments over many years without sufficient ear protection is the most common cause of Tinnitus and something an audiologist encounters often.


Auditory Processing Disorder – Sometimes, hearing disorders stem from the way the brain of the patient processes sound. Our hearing centres measure sound at different frequencies to see what registers. Most visitors from Buckingham fall short of the normal range when they have an auditory processing disorder and can’t distinguish between certain sounds.


A hearing test helps the audiologist to pinpoint the root of the problem.


Whichever hearing centre you choose to visit, Keith Donaghy Hearing Care promises to find solutions which improve your lifestyle. From earwax removal treatments to the fitting of the sector’s most advanced invisible hearing aids, our two practices do everything possible to help our Buckingham patients hear better with ongoing aftercare as part of the package.


We welcome enquiries from the Buckingham area at our Witney hearing centre (01993 709955) or our Banbury hearing centre (01295 255131).