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Hearing Test in Burford | Two Local Hearing Centres in Oxfordshire

Keith Donaghy, an independent audiologist with two hearing centres in Banbury and Witney, extends a warm welcome to new patients from the West Oxfordshire town of Burford. Booking in for a hearing test with an independent audiologist is often the first step towards a better life. Keith Donaghy’s clinics provide appointments for simple procedures such as earwax removal, and also offer free advice and fitting services for hearing aids.


In fact, many of our Burford customers choose us ahead of High Street audiologists because our two hearing centres both specialise in the supply of invisible hearing aids.


If you’ve never had a hearing test before, we assure you that the process is a simple and straightforward affair. Which hearing centre you choose to attend, both provide hearing tests in a calm, relaxing and reassuring environment. Our Banbury hearing centre is around 23 miles from Burford, whereas our practice in Witney is much closer at just 8 miles away.


Both hearing centres also perform earwax removal procedures and fit our Burford patients with modern hearing aids which we customise to the range of the wearer. For those who have concerns over wearing a visible earpiece, we would like to reassure you that our practices also understand the value of aesthetics. Both can help in the fitting of invisible hearing aids, a discrete option that more and more of our patients now choose.


Hearing Aids | A Lifestyle Choice for our Burford Patients


Based on the results of a hearing test, Keith Donaghy offers a choice of hearing aids to improve your lifestyle whilst helping you stay within your available budget. Each hearing centre works closely with well-known manufacturers to provide innovative solutions, including invisible hearing aids, which come in different shapes, styles and sizes. We advise our Burford patients on the separate features, benefits and performance they can expect.


Hearing aids generally come in three different designs:


  • Behind-the-ear hearing aids (BTE) sit discretely behind the ear, offer complete comfort and have the range to cope with all degrees of hearing loss.
  • Receiver-in-canal hearing aids (RIC) are smaller than the BTE design and fit comfortably into the ear canal to assist with hearing loss over a wide spectrum.
  • In-the-ear hearing aids (ITE) help with mild to severe hearing loss. These are virtually invisible hearing aids which also sit in the ear canal.


The audiologist you see for a hearing test will happily show you examples of all hearing aids we supply to our patients in Burford, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire. Each hearing centre, in addition to performing earwax removal procedures, provides the complete aftercare package which includes free adjustments, battery replacements and wax guards. We can arrange trials should you wish to try our standard or invisible hearing aids out.


We invite new patients from the Burford area to book in at a Keith Donaghy hearing centre today. An audiologist will hold your hearing test or perform your earwax removal procedure at a convenient time suited to your diary. Go on to use us for hearing aids, and we’ll provide you with the ongoing care you need to live a much brighter, happier and fuller life.


We welcome enquiries from the Burford area at our Witney hearing centre (01993 709955) or our Banbury hearing centre (01295 255131).