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Digital or Analogue Hearing Aids in Chipping Norton?

Keith Donaghy Hearing Care provides the option of a hearing aid clinic in Banbury and another in Witney. Both have worked with clients from Chipping Norton who originally came to us for hearing tests or to discuss hearing aids. We supply today’s most innovative behind-the-ear and invisible hearing aids to suit the needs of the individual.


We’d never force the sale of something that might not be appropriate. Our experienced team is here to answer any queries you may have about our services, including one of the most common we receive from customers in and around the Chipping Norton area:


“What’s the difference between analogue hearing aids and digital invisible hearing aids?”


Digital hearing aids offer a more modern approach to helping you. Visible and invisible hearing aids are the equivalent of having a tiny computer in your ear. These hearing aids sample sounds in your immediate vicinity of Chipping Norton, or wherever you might be, at the rate of a million times a second, and compares noise and reverberation to your loss of programmed hearing.


After approximately 40 million calculations, digital hearing aids provide our Chipping Norton clients with options on how to best deal with sound. Features such as background noise cancellation, directional microphones and feedback cancellation help behind-the-ear and invisible hearing aid users to get the best out of our hearing aids.


Analogue hearing aids are generally cheaper than digital hearing aids. Their simplicity enables them to create larger sound waves before sending them through to your ear speaker. Customers from the Chipping Norton area will hear sound as intended but louder. Like many analogue products on the market, old-style visible and invisible hearing aids are becoming obsolete as prices for digital hearing aids come down.


Our Banbury hearing aid clinic and our Witney location are both easily accessible from Chipping Norton. Each clinic supplies analogue and digital hearing aids and you’ll be able to test for yourself which works best for you. Both types of hearing aids have their individual merits, and we will be more than happy to go through these in detail with you.


We always encourage you to ask plenty of questions at your chosen hearing aid clinic when sitting through hearing tests and before purchasing hearing aids. If you’re a little self-conscious, we can suggest invisible hearing aids which sit perfectly inside the ear. Each type of technology can be programmed to the specific needs of our Chipping Norton clients.


Call your preferred hearing aid clinic today to discuss analogue and digital hearing aids. Both are based near Chipping Norton and our number is 01295 255131.