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Earwax Removal in Didcot | Services from a Local Audiologist

With two separate hearing centres in Banbury and Witney, Keith Donaghy covers the nearby Didcot area as a trained audiologist. If you want to book in for a hearing test, an earwax removal procedure or the fitting or hearing aids (including BTE, RIC and ITE invisible hearing aids), make an appointment with us today. We provide the services you’d expect from a renowned local and regional audiologist, plus a few others that might surprise you!


Some of our patients from Didcot attach a certain stigma to earwax removal. They see the need for this procedure as an indication of their personal hygiene standards but this is untrue. Earwax is a normal, healthy thing for our ears but some people accumulate more than others or have more trouble draining it away naturally. The resulting period, at best, is uncomfortable. In some cases, it can be a painful and distressing experience.


A visit from Didcot to a Keith Donaghy hearing centre allows us to inspect the ear cavity and, if needed, we’ll conduct a hearing test to check for any related issues. Some people experience a loss of hearing and immediately think they’ll have to spend the rest of their lives wearing hearing aids. Often, patients from the Didcot area find that a simple earwax removal procedure is enough to restore their hearing across a wide spectrum of sounds.


For those who do end up needing some form of assistance to help them hear properly, and who might have concerns over the visibility of BTE and RIC hearing aids, our audiologists fit them with invisible hearing aids – most often in the discrete ITE design.


The Professional Approach to Earwax Removal


Some of our visitors from the Didcot area might have tried home remedies or over-the-counter products from a chemist without success. In reality, the only way to ensure a good standard of earwax removal is to visit an audiologist at a hearing centre. A visual inspection and a hearing test helps your audiologist to evaluate whether you need an earwax removal procedure, or if something of more concern is causing problems with your hearing.


We’ll talk about any long-term issues and the fitting of hearing aids in a moment but for now, let’s discuss earwax removal and the way an audiologist performs this procedure.


The first thing an audiologist tries as part of an earwax removal treatment is scooping out the wax gently using a curette. We strongly recommend that our Didcot patients never try to put anything into the ear canal themselves. It’s much better to visit a hearing centre for a safer outcome and, of course, you can have a hearing test conducted at the same time.


Should a curette fail, your audiologist might choose to irrigate the ear using water or a safe chemical solution stronger than those sold by chemists in the Didcot area. In many cases, as part of an earwax removal procedure, the audiologist uses both methods simultaneously.


If earwax isn’t the problem and a subsequent hearing test indicates something more serious, please try not to worry. It’s part of life that some of us will have to wear hearing aids, and it’s much better to hear through the use of a device than not to hear at all. Any Didcot customers with concerns over the way they might perceived can use our hearing centres in Banbury and Witney for the fitting and purchase of invisible hearing aids.


We welcome enquiries from the Didcot area at our Witney hearing centre (01993 709955) or our Banbury hearing centre (01295 255131).