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Invisible Hearing Aids in Moreton-in-Marsh

Whichever Keith Donaghy hearing centre you choose, you’re sure to find our aftercare services just as important as the initial hearing test or the subsequent procedure. We have practices in Banbury and Witney, both within close reach of Moreton-in-Marsh. Each hearing centre performs earwax removal treatments and minor surgeries. For those with sensorineural hearing loss, a qualified audiologist helps in finding suitable hearing aids.


Today, more and more of our Moreton-in-Marsh patients are leaning towards invisible hearing aids and this supports studies made on a nationwide basis too.


First-time wearers of hearing aids worry about the visibility of their devices, and 40% of them are now more likely to purchase invisible hearing aids. An astonishing 48% of those surveyed said they’d rather put off a hearing test because they can’t bear the stigma of wearing a device. Our hearing centres listen carefully to visitors from Moreton-in-Marsh to understand their hearing loss stories and to provide them with much-needed reassurance.


Before cosmetics come into play, we perform a hearing test to see which type of condition is present. Conductive hearing loss nearly always occurs through a blockage and we can usually resolve issues by performing an earwax removal treatment or a minor surgery to remove foreign objects – particularly in the case of children with wandering fingers!


Keith Donaghy recommends hearing aids to the majority of our Moreton-in-Marsh patients suffering from sensorineural hearing loss. For those who wish to consider invisible hearing aids, our hearing centres would like to point out the following benefits:




This benefit goes without saying but our popular IIC devices really are virtually invisible to those around you. Small in design and fitted deep into the ear canal, invisible hearing aids stay amazingly well hidden and undetectable. Visitors from Moreton-in-Marsh with ongoing concerns over BTE hearing aids frequently opt for the more innovative IIC device.


We understand you won’t want to advertise the results of a hearing test to the world, and provide an understanding fitting that alleviates much of the stigma device wearers suffer.


Natural Sound Quality


If you’ve ever had an earwax removal treatment at any one of our two hearing centres before, you’ll probably remember the sharp increase in sound immediately after the procedure. IIC hearing aids, because of their placement deep into the ear canal, preserve natural sound interaction cues within the shape of the ear without impeding them.


This helps our Moreton-in-Marsh patients to localise the direction of sound. Basic adjustments to their invisible hearing aids make everything seem much more natural.


A Natural Feel


Some hearing aids fill large sections of the ear canal so that wearers perceive their own voices as being hollow. We call this occlusion and it happens when sound traps between eardrums and hearing aids. The devices sold by our Banbury and Witney hearing centres reduce occlusion so the sound of our Moreton-in-Marsh patients’ own voices seems natural.


Booking in for a hearing test and ruling out conductive issues – and the subsequent need for earwax removal treatments, as an example – is the first step back towards natural hearing.




IIC invisible hearing aids sit closer to the eardrum than traditional hearing aids and this makes them more efficient because the device requires less power to achieve the required level of sound. The IIC devices supplied to Moreton-in-Marsh patients by our hearing centres also store less residual energy and, in turn, produce much less feedback.


Our invisible hearing aids even make the use of everyday devices such as mobile phones much easier, to the point where it feels as if you aren’t wearing a hearing aid at all.


We welcome enquiries from the Moreton-in-Marsh area at our Witney hearing centre (01993 709955) or our Banbury hearing centre (01295 255131).