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The Benefits of Hearing Aids for Customers in Oxford

Modern hearing aids have evolved into state-of-the-art communication systems for customers in Oxford and across the UK. At Keith Donaghy Hearing Care, we are able to supply a variety of shapes, sizes and colours to help incorporate the different systems available. Alongside our forward thinking earwax removal and hearing test services, invisible hearing aids have become a revolutionary item for many of our Oxford-based customers.


These developments encourage those who have suffered hearing loss to find solutions for better communication with friends, family and everyday life. With the advancement of today’s hearing aids, they aid clearer and stronger sound. Not necessarily louder but with more clarity. The hearing aids offer a number of high-tech features which amongst other things provide better speech understanding in noisy environments.


Our invisible hearing aids enable patients in Oxford to change their life. This may seem like a rather large boast but our responsibility is to help improve the quality of life for all those who visit us. Similar to our earwax removal services, we take great pride in helping customers use our hearing aids to maximum effect.


Keith Donaghy is an experienced independent audiologist and works with many leading companies to provide high quality invisible hearing aids as well as more standard hearing aids. With nearly 30 years under his belt, he makes it his personal ambition to help all those that walk into one of his clinics and improve their hearing change lives instantly.


If you have any doubts or feel that your hearing isn’t improving through one of our up-to-date hearing aids, then you are free at any time to make an appointment and seek further help and advice. A simple hearing test can help.


Hearing Aids Maintenance


Ideally you should clean your hearing aids at the beginning of each day with a dry, soft cloth. It’s important that you avoid water, cleaning fluids, alcohol or solvents. These could damage the performance of the instruments. Avoid extreme heat and humidity and don’t forget to take the invisible hearing aids out before you jump in the bath or shower. Earwax could also clog up the ear piece if not cleaned properly. If this becomes an issue, we can arrange for earwax removal to be carried out at one of our consultation clinics.


Why not call us today on 01993 709955 to book an appointment? We can arrange a home visit to your property in Oxford and carry out a hearing test and discuss hearing aids.