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Our Unique Hearing Test Assessment

At Keith Donaghy Hearing Care, we pride ourselves on offering customers in Oxfordshire with honest and direct assessments on any issues they may be having with their hearing. Whether you its earwax removal or invisible hearing aids required, we are able to diagnose the issue swiftly through our bespoke hearing test services.


Our hearing test is a stringent assessment that’s goes further than simply diagnosing the type of hearing loss you may have. We also assess any knock on effect that may have led to a decrease of your ability to listen and communicate. Pure Tone Audiometry (PTA) is a vital hearing test for diagnosis and us used as a predictor of your ability to listen. However we prefer to delve deeper and carry out a full audiometry examination to find the exact cause of hearing loss.


This includes:


  • Understanding Speech in Quiet Surroundings in Oxfordshire
  • Understanding Speech in Loud and Noisy Environments in Oxfordshire
  • Coping with Hearing Aids in Noisy Surroundings in Oxfordshire
  • Response to New Hearing Levels in Oxfordshire


Before we test, we make the customer aware that there are many suppliers of hearing aids on the market which offer cheap and unsuitable models that are best priced for them, but not yourself. Hearing aids are only as good as the audiologist who programmes and fits them, whatever the make or model.


Bespoke Services to Suit You


Like our earwax removal service, we will tell you the full benefits that one of our invisible hearing aids will offer and how we will help you settle in to your new hearing apparatus. Our virtually unnoticeable invisible hearing aids can sometimes take months to settle in so we provide a high quality aftercare service through our Oxfordshire based clinics. The last thing we want is for hearing aids to be put in the back of a drawer because of a lack of due care and attention.  Once you’ve bought one of our invisible hearing aids, we will work with you for you to achieve maximum satisfaction with your purchase.


Call us today on 01993 709955 for a hearing test or earwax removal and let us help you back on the road to improvement. We have two Oxfordshire-based clinics.