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High Quality Hearing Aids for Witney and Banbury

At Keith Donaghy Hearing Care, we offer a diverse range of hearing aids, hearing-assistance products and earwax removal services from our Banbury and Witney consultation rooms. Whether you are looking to use us for invisible hearing aids or just want to book in for a simple but detailed hearing test, we’re always on hand to help.


Keith Donaghy Hearing Care helps customers from all parts of Witney, Banbury and Oxfordshire suffering from a wide range of hearing problems. Earwax removal, for example, is a service our clinics can provide.


When carrying out a hearing test, we look at the ways in which we can help those who’ve been affected by loss of hearing, often by recommending invisible hearing aids and other products that are proven to restore quality of lifestyle.

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Hearing Services


Our hearing services are tailored to your budget and lifestyle. From our free initial consultation to a full and professional diagnosis, we are able offer the following:


  • Aftercare and reprogramming service
  • Ear mould re-tubing including NHS
  • Hearing aid consultancy and diagnostic hearing tests
  • Invisible hearing aids serviced
  • Trial hearing aids. Can be returned if you are not satisfied
  • Hearing protection and ear care advice
  • Detailed hearing test
  • Tinnitus Advice
  • Microsuction and earwax removal
  • Range of hearing aid care products
  • State-of-the-art hearing technology
  • Supply of hearing aid batteries in person or by post
  • Tailored packages to suit your budget
  • Videoscopy to check the condition of your ears and eardrum


Hearing test consultations can be conducted at home or at one of our dedicated hearing clinics located in Witney and Banbury. Please call us today for an appointment.

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a picture of a hearing aids

Custom-Made Hearing Aids and Devices


To help prevent hearing loss, we offer a wide range of hearing aids for customers in Witney, Banbury and the surrounding Oxfordshire area. Keith and his team use state-of-the-art technology to provide new patients with custom-made hearing aids that are truly bespoke. Modern hearing aids are technologically-advanced communication systems.


A choice of shapes, colours and sizes are available. Our two clinics are particularly sensitive to the fact that relationships revolve around communication and for this reason, we promote the benefits of modern hearing aid technology so that customers feel encouraged to find solutions that make everyday sound more clear and distinct.


Our state-of-the-art invisible hearing aids provide patients in Witney, Banbury and the surrounding areas with better speech understanding even in the noisiest of environments. By booking in for a hearing test today, you could experience life-changing results and benefit fully from the advances that have been made in hearing aids over recent times.


Because we are independent, Keith Donaghy Hearing Care is able to work alongside all leading manufacturers and remain at the forefront of modern hearing aid technology.


Microsuction Earwax Removal


Traditional earwax removal practices have given way to advanced systems where the ear is studied through a microscope. ENT micro-instruments and sterile probes are then used to gently remove (or suck) wax from the ear. Patients in Banbury, Witney and all surrounding areas benefit from a comfortable and progressive treatment which is proven to be more effective than ‘blind’ techniques such as syringing or irrigation.


Microsuction earwax removal sometimes requires no drops at all and can, for the most part, be carried out as a ‘dry’ procedure. Just as importantly, the treatment can be carried out on patients with grommets, perforated eardrums, cleft palates and mastoid cavities; something that can’t be done with traditional ear syringing and ear irrigation practices.

Widex Beyond Z Series Hearing Aid

Contact us on 01993 709955 for more information on hearing aids and hearing protection. We cover Banbury, Witney and the Oxfordshire area.