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Expectations from a Hearing Test in Thame with Keith Donaghy

Booking in for a hearing test at our Banbury or Witney hearing centres never has to be an unsettling experience for our Thame patients. Having hearing aids fitted, or visiting us for an earwax removal treatment, also tend to be comfortable for visitors from this small Oxfordshire town. Keith Donaghy, an experienced audiologist, understands that most patients have expectations from our tests, our procedures and our invisible hearing aids.


Our Banbury hearing centre (35 miles from Thame) and our Witney hearing centre (24 miles from Thame) might seem a long way to travel just for a hearing test or an earwax removal treatment. This is not the case for many of our previous patients who have travelled this distance, because they know Keith Donaghy meets their expectations at every level.


So what do patients from Thame really expect when they come to us for a hearing test?




Most visitors from Thame have their own hearing loss story so it’s important that the hearing centre audiologist asks why they think they need a hearing test. It’s just as important for the audiologist to listen to the answer, especially with patients who stigmatise their hearing loss and the possible future use of devices, such as invisble hearing aids.


What makes our hearing centres different to others in the Thame area is an ability to not only acknowledge the story, but to also offer positive and realistic solutions to the patient.




When new customers from Thame call our hearing centres to book in for an earwax removal treatment, to arrange a hearing test or to discuss our range of hearing aids, they want to talk to somebody who respects their situation and, in a few cases, their suffering. Our Banbury and Witney practices employ welcoming receptionists who put patients at ease.


This is important because without somebody on the other end of the line to accommodate their needs and requirements, some people end up doing nothing about their hearing loss.


Solutions First – Products Second


While we obviously rely heavily on our Thame patients booking in for earwax removal treatments or buying our traditional and invisible hearing aids, Keith Donaghy Hearing Care has two hearing centres that prefer offering solutions before products. We use the technology available to us to determine why you suffer hearing loss, and what we can do.


We will never sell you hearing aids ahead of providing a physical solution.


Investment into Technology


The technology behind the latest products, including our invisible hearing aids, plays an important role at both of our hearing centres near Thame. What is more important is the technology used by our audiologists and the continuous investment we make into equipping each practice with the best advancements for hearing tests and earwax removal treatments.


Your hearing matters to us, and the only way we can continue providing the most innovative treatments and hearing aids is through frequent investment into our hearing centres.


Modern Devices


Some of our patients from the Thame area baulk at the idea of hearing aids until they see our product range for the first time. We supply and fit a choice of traditional and invisible hearing aids which optimise the latest BTE, RIC and ITE technology. If a hearing test indicates that your hearing will benefit from wearing a device, it doesn’t mean a compromise in style.


Our healing centres also use the latest irrigators and microsuction tools for earwax removal treatments to assure all visitors from Thame of a modern and progressive product range.


We welcome enquiries from the Thame area at our Witney hearing centre (01993 709955) or our Banbury hearing centre (01295 255131).