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Safe Earwax Removal in Witney

At Keith Donaghy Hearing Care, we offer a great range of hearing aids product and services through our Witney consultation rooms. Whether its earwax removal, invisible hearing aids or you’re just in need of a simple but detailed hearing test, we’re on hand to help.  On this page we focus on how to carry out safe earwax removal for customers in Witney and Banbury.


What is Earwax?


We are often asked why we have ear wax. Unlike a common misconception of poor hygiene, it’s a mix of ingredients which play an important part of protecting and cleaning ears. Earwax lubricates the skin, provides anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties to ensure the ear is kept healthily.


Earwax moves out of the ears naturally and when we chew, talk, yawn or shout, this quickens the process. Whilst most remain unaffected by earwax problems, it can become a real issue for some. This is why our clinics in Witney are on hand to help with the process of earwax removal.

If you have any concerns, we can also carry out a hearing test just to put your mind at rest if necessary.


Earwax symptoms


The most common symptoms are a blocked sensation, a drop in hearing, tinnitus, dizziness and discomfort. The best way to clean the ears is to use a warm cloth in your Witney shower and gently clean the outer ear up to the opening of the canal only. Never use cotton buds and they could cause damage.

They also stimulate the ear canal to produce more wax and worsen the problem. If we find that the symptoms are causing other hearing issues and we find hearing loss is an issue, we can carry out a detailed hearing test. We can discuss our wide range of invisible hearing aids at our Witney clinic. We have hearing aids that suit all budgets.


Earwax Removal and Micro-Suction


Earwax Removal can be carried out by using micro-suction. Most micro-suction doesn’t need pre-treatment but in some cases treated olive oil such as Earol is good preparation. An audiologist will observe the ear and with a low-pressure suction, safely carry out the earwax removal. We will then show you the condition of the ear by using a video otoscope.


This can be done at the Witney clinic. Micro-suction is a preferred method of treatment for medical staff and patients alike for guaranteed and effective earwax removal. Most blockages are removed in minutes and this is only carried out by Keith Donaghy or by one of his experienced and qualified assistants.


If you find that you still have hearing difficulties, then we’ll carry out a more detailed hearing test and possibly look into how invisible hearing aids will help.

To find out more about earwax removal, a hearing test or hearing aids, call us now on 01993 709955 to book an appointment at our Witney clinic.